Maintaining standards: Private schools regulatory bill to be tabled soon

 It is expected that a bill which provides a legislative framework for the regulation of private schools in the province to be introduced on the floor of the church in the coming days, The Express Tribune has learned.

A law for private schools neglect has been under review for over a year. Bodies Several private schools have expressed serious concerns about the bill that they feel will allow the government to "undue interference in the operations of private educational institutions, particularly fee structures."

A private bill committee formed to develop a legislative framework for the regulation of private schools sent its draft proposal last year. However, an official from the Department of Education Schools said the prime minister had sent the project back for further deliberation to address some of the concerns of private schools associations.

Last year in August, the SED confirmed that the bill proposes the formation of a regulatory commission to control and regulate the operation of private schools in the province. The SED also noted that the bill had proposed a structure of three-tier fee for private schools based on the given facilities and academic performance.

SED additional secretary general Ahmed Ali Kamboh said the project was sent to the Department of Law of veto. "We expect it to be forwarded to the cabinet for approval in two or three days, after which will be presented in the Provincial Assembly."

"It is important to understand that the government will not regulate private schools in the province, a regulatory commission," he said.

He said the regulatory commission shall be composed of representatives of governments and the private sector of education, technocrats and non-governmental organizations working in the field. Kasbah said the command will not be chaired by someone from the government sector.

He said the project had shown that the various stakeholders before being sent to the Legal Department. Kamboh said stakeholders include not only low-fee private schools relations, but also high-end schools. The commission to regulate private schools will oversee issues such as whether schools meet their fee structures can check if you adhere to academic standards and conflict resolution (resolution of complaints from parents or others) . "We comprehend the concerns of the private sector and we have taken into account in drafting legislation to regulate them ... but we have to keep in mind that the government has to regulate the operation of this subdivision," he said.

Earlier, Education Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan had also said that the government is working to ensure that private schools were brought under a controlling framework. Khan told The Express Tribune that the government hoped that the body would be established in March as part of the Government's action plan for the education sector.

The All Pakistan Private Schools Management Association (APPSMA) Adeeb Jawedani president reiterated the same reservations association was introduced last year. The most urgent of these, he said, including regulation of rates. Said the regulation ignored "the expenses incurred by private schools []".

With talks of making it mandatory for private schools for education 10 percent of students enrolled free of charge, Jawedani said the government was putting enormous pressure on secluded schools. He said the APPSMA had not been included in the recent discussions. He said the association planned to go to court on the matter if it is approved and becomes the law. The APPSMA claims to represent about 80,000 schools.

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