10 Mistakes to Avoid in upcoming FSc Exams

Time is short and Inter Datasheet is announcing Soon

All FSC students who are eagerly waiting for their Date sheet announcement they should not need to worry at all because there is a very small amount of time left behind and as per schedule Inter part1 date sheet 2019 and Part 2 Inter date sheet 2019 would be announced on the month of April so Don’t waste your time in searching from different website because it is the only time to focus on your studies and exam preparation

As you know very well that FSC exam are comparatively harder and tougher and it is not easy to pass that exam very easily.  It’s vital for you so much hard work and achieves a brilliant result. There is a very short amount of time left behind in your exam so we should like to share 10 mistakes to avoid in upcoming FSC exam.

Comparison with other Students

Don’t try to make a comparison with your class fellow over a few marks. It might be one of the worst things you ever do with yourself. Try to be your own competitor because you are responsible for your own self. An unhealthy competition will only become the reason for stress and depression. Set your goals and try to increase your effort and the level of preparation.

Studying from all the key books but your own textbooks

It is a common habit of many students to collect material from different key books. They waste their time in searching for important questions from different key books and model papers and they even forget to study their textbooks. Don’t try to distract yourself. Get help from last year’s past paper. Be confident to study from textbooks you are studying exactly from which exam would be prepared.

Not giving yourself a reality check

Try to observe and accept your faults. Make an effort to find out mistakes and make a plan to overcome all these issues.

Examiner knows nothing

Try to explain everything on paper by assuming that examiner knows nothing. Explain everything in your answer by keeping them relevant and valid.

Heading and Subheading

Explain your answer by including Heading and loads of subheading it will make an aesthetically pleasing impression on the examiner. Most of the student doesn’t know the way in which they can explain their answer. They write and explain it in the form of summary it is a big mistake and does not look attractive to the reader. So in short answer (physics, chemistry, biology) try to include a minimum of three headings.

Highlight Important Terms

Don’t forget to highlight important terms, quotations, and definitions it would make a very neat and clean impression and examiner would be easily able to get his point. This technique would be also very important in your Pak studies, Urdu and English exam u can highlight anything you have directly quoted. In URDU exam keep your answer short and to the point, for attempting the translation of gazal, poems make sure what are you writing is according to the point. Avoid using a lot of references and for essays (English & Urdu) have a strong introduction and conclusion. 

Not asking for help

During the exam, most of the students feel confusing in the understanding of any question and they feel shy for asking about it. If you need any help in your physics, chemistry and biology exam firstly talk with your teacher about it. Don’t waste time in thinking about it just discuss the issue, clear it and attempt your paper.

Overestimating the Exam

Fear of exam is a common issue with most of the FSC student they feel so much depression, especially on their chemistry paper. Students should keep a firm that they could do and nothing is impossible in this world.

Leave Nothing behind

For both Objective and subjective type of paper, it is mandatory to attempt complete paper. Try to leave nothing on your paper most of the student left half of their paper blank due to confusion and that thing becomes the reason for their failure.

Stay Positive

Stay positive and relaxed during the exam. Keep in mind that success and failure both are part of life.

Good Sleep

A night of good sleep is very important before the exam morning most of the students spend all nights in revision all syllabus but it is not a good thing a good sleep is very important for staying fresh on the paper day.

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