The government of Punjab arranged the meeting to discuss the reopening of educational institutes and to conduct the postponed board exam of matric and intermediate. It was announced previously that all the educational institutes will remain close until 1st June and the canceled exams will be held afterward. By considering the current situation of coronavirus pandemic, the officials have proposed the revised schedule for the postponed exams. Now, the government announced the new plan regarding the matric and intermediate exam.


Punjab Boards Announced Exam Plans

The Punjab government has submitted its plan to the Federal government to conduct the matric and inter examination. Three options have been put forward and discuss the entire situation whether the postponed examination will be held or not. The students that are concerned about the revised board schedule are informed that the new schedule has been announced by the authorities. But it is not confirmed yet that this schedule will be approved by the Federal government. All the students have to wait until the final decision of the matric and intermediate examination will be declared.

Matric new Exam Schedule

The 9th class students have appeared in two exams as the other exams were canceled. According to the proposed schedule if the examination center will be opened from 1st June, then the 9th class paper will be conducted from 15th June to 27th June. Otherwise, the 9th class board exam will not be held if the examination centers remain closed even after 1st June.

Inter new Exam Schedule

If the examination center will open from 1st June

  • The inter part 2 exam will be commenced from 29th June to 13th July.
  • The inter part 1 exam will not be conducted. The students will be directly promoted to intermediate part 2 without appearing in the exam.
  • The result of all the examinations will be announced with 90 days. 

If the examination center will not be opened from 1st June

  • The intermediate part 2 exam will be conducted from 15th July to 29th July. The exam of the intermediate part 1 will be announced within the first week of November.
  • The intermediate part 1 exam will not be held. The students will be directly promoted to intermediate part 2.

10th Practical Exam

As far as the 10th class practical exams are concerned 50% marks will be given to all the students and 50% marks will be decided on their performance based on the theoretical exam. The written exam was being held and now the students will be evaluated on their basis and marks will be given to them. 

Lastly, it is also proposed that if the exams will not be organized at the end of July, then no exams will be conducted. The Punjab government and all the other provinces have submitted their examination plans to the government. The final decision will be made and announced soon by the Federal government. The students have to wait to know about their revised exam schedule.

It is recommended to the students to keep in touch with and get all the latest updates regarding the revised schedule of matric and intermediate exam.