Being a college student you are likely to experience so many emotions that can make life the same as a roller coaster ride. Apart from going through many changes, an important yet common thing is feeling STRESS. This state arises more from thinking of the deed to be done, then sitting down and actually getting on with it. The added burden is people around asking how you are doing in college and your peers who are the know it all types showing off all their knowledge right next to the exam hall which is just a cherry on top of a cake built of your own overthinking.

When you are a student of intermediate the key to success is FOCUS. It’s all about dividing your time in a way that you can maintain a balance between all subjects while focusing on your weak areas.

Exam time is especially tricky for college students of intermediate as it’s high time for them to choose a profession and work towards achieving grades to get admission in their chosen career lines. Here are a few tips to reduce exam stress and be fully prepared to face anything that is thrown your way during that time.


During the whole academic year, students should concentrate on the lectures and give more time to main core subjects (science or arts). At home, while doing a daily revision of work done in the class, they should prioritize subjects according to their understanding and give more time to the ones they find more difficult.


Being a student the most important thing is having a proper schedule which must include giving time to every subject and making sure there is enough time to have peace of mind too so that you can have enough energy to get on with the next day.


Don’t ever think that you will learn and master everything in one day and be the best in all subjects. It’s okay to have the clarity of concept in one subject more than the other! You do have the choice to pursue the subject you are more interested in later on in life so that must be a motivation.


While gearing up for exams is taking up all your time, it’s really important for your health to take regular breaks and not get consumed up with the pressure of what’s going to happen. It’s not going to help to sit up straight and keep your pen poised for action all the time just because you are about to take an exam. Take a brief, brisk walk and let your mind wander. You must reflect on why this time is important in your life and later on you will be just able to sit back and relax because of all that you have been through now.


In your arsenal for exam success, it’s really important to set proper time for revision so that you can go through what you have memorized before. Even if you have not finished the course, leave it for later and start revising what you have already learnt. If you oversleep, don’t write the day off because you can depend on the course that you have already covered and revised!

In a nutshell, all that is important is your sanity and not what grades you got in your exams. There is an old saying that “comparison is the thief of joy” so it’s not relevant how others have fared in the exams, only concentrate on your own self. Later on in life when you go for a job interview the first question is not going to be about your grades so don’t consider it the end of the world. If you have given it your best, then there you go, that’s all that counts!