Being a college student you are likely to experience so many emotions that can make life the same as a roller coaster ride. Apart from going through many changes, an important yet common thing is feeling STRESS. This state arises more from thinking of the deed to be done, then sitting down and actually getting on with it. The added burden is people around asking how you are doing in college and your peers who are the know it all types showing off all their knowledge right next to the exam hall which is just a cherry on top of a cake built of your own overthinking.

When you are a student of intermediate the key to success is FOCUS. It’s all about dividing your time in a way that you can maintain a balance between all subjects while focusing on your weak areas.

Exam time is especially tricky for college students of intermediate as it’s high time for them to choose a profession and work towards achieving grades to get admission in their chosen career lines. Here are a few tips to reduce exam stress and be fully prepared to face anything that is thrown your way during that time.