FSC exam is not easy to do. It Demands a lot of effort and Determination for achieving good grades. Fsc Exams date sheet 2019 is announced as per board officials.

Make a strict routine and timetable

Don’t think you can pass through the FSC exam 2019 as easily as both the SSCs. At that time you will find that the syllabus of FSC class subjects is detailed and very long. It is time and hard work demanding. Keep in mind that you can’t keep Urdu or Islamite lying around until exams. Make sure you give at least half an hour each day to each subject. A very best routine for preparation would be:

1 hour to each subject either it would be chemistry of Islamiat 30 mins study, and 5 min breaks after every 30 mins.

Or if that routine doesn’t match with your daily task, spend Hour for each science subject and half an hour for languages subject.

Attend classes regularly.

This point cannot be stressed enough it is absolutely vital to attend class regularly. You can’t pass your FSC exam without learning from your class room/college. The teachers have a lot of experience that you can gain in a humble way. Don't miss out the importance of that unique time. If you want to get a guess of the board paper than try to make a communication with your teacher

Sit in the first row, attentively.

Always try to sit on the first row, in fact, the more willing you are to obtain knowledge, the more willing the teachers would be to give it to you. Show yourself attentive and interested in the topic after that the teacher might give you some extra information or tip about it which helps you after the announcement of FSc final exams date sheet 2019.

Avoid bad company

Hanging out and spending time with wrong friends can cause a lot of problems for you. Try to avoid all that type of classmates after the announcement of date sheet of FSs class 2019 and sit in a positive company, Stay away from those trouble-making students by rejecting their invitations. After that, you will eventually notice that you did get influenced by your company. Choose a friend circle of good and Helping people.

Take part in tests and quizzes

Take good notes during the lecture in class. Participate In every test and Quizzes and don’t be afraid to ask questions in class no matter how embarrassing it seems. In fact Tests and quizzes are very helpful, especially when our system relies more on memory than knowledge. So do not ignore a simple class test either. These little tests would provide lots of help a lot in the final exam.

Revise at home a lot.

Revise at home whatever you learned in class and memorize it by making notes this trick would be very useful in covering a large portion such as that of the Chemistry book. Attempt all Questions of Maths exercise. Learn the chapter of English or Urdu again that you have noted down during the lecture. This is the best solution for tackling a lot of course altogether before exams.

Know your weaknesses

Do you struggle with Maths, Chemistry or Biology? Most of the students find hard words of Urdu and English? Then you should give some extra time for all those tough subjects. Try to learn from online exercises and get to know more about that specific topic. Don’t feel any hesitation to Ask from your teachers and fellow students for help. Join a tuition/academy for a while when FA exams date sheet 2019 is announced officialy.

Limit the number of other activities

I know this point is the hardest one to complete. I have seen many students spend a lot of time in social media or games and not even realize. For all students of FSC, a maximum amount of time spent on social media (face book, twitter) and other stuff should be no more than 2 hours. At the same time don’t go for sports much, but do not completely cut it off either. Keep a balance between studies and all other activities in order o achieve brilliant marks.

Help out other students

Helping other students will build a sound concept and foundation in you.  So if you are good at any topic, help out a student struggling with that topic and see if you can give a satisfactory answer to them.

Students can download date sheet app for check fsc exam date 2019.
Wish you all the best for your exams and upcoming life!