Islamia University of Bahawalpur Issues Complete guidelines About the Online Examination System

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur has issued complete guidelines about the online examination system. As the university is going to conduct the online exams this year so the institute has offered assistance to the candidates.

How to participate in online exams

Owing to the current coronavirus pandemic many educational institutes have adopted the online education and examination system to facilitate students. The students that are going to appear in the exams are recommended to do through the following procedure mentioned in the video so that they can get to knows about how to participate in the online exams.


  • The important instructions to give the online exams are stated below. So students are advised to must check them to avoid any trouble.
  • Open the link of the university on any browser.
  • After the opening of the browser, mention the name and the password in when the account details will be required.
  • The students are provided with their username and password so that they can log in to give the exams. They have to put that in their respective fields.
  • If any student logged in to the system before the exam time than they have to refresh the page at the exact time.
  • After Logged in to the system the students have to choose a study program. After choosing a program you’re the question paper will be appeared.
  • It is informed to the candidates that they have to attempt the paper within 120 minutes.
  • The paper will be based on multiple-choice questions. Read the questions first and then select the correct option from the available choices.
  • By using the quiz navigation bar the candidates can jump from one question to another question.
  • Press the button the finish attempt, once the test will be finished.
  • Make sure that you have completed your entire exam by submitting the asked questions.
  • Confirm submit all and finish the test.
  • On the top of the screen and click on the profile option as it is very necessary to logout your profile.

Online Exam Guidance

  • The number of questions will not be constant for each student. It can vary from one candidate to another candidate.
  • Some have 1 question paper, others have 2, 3 while some have even more than 4 question papers.
  • The exam time will be mentioned in the above of each question paper.
  • The students have to adjust the time according to each portion question paper.
  • The candidates can also jump from one question paper to another question paper.
  • The students can also change the answer after attempting a particular question.
  • There will be no negative marking in the exams
  • In case the students have any doubt to answer the question that they can flag their question. In this way, they can remember the question.
  • The candidates can change the answer to any question before submitting it.
  • Complete all the question papers and then finish the attempt.
  • Have a look at the test at least once before submitting it to assure that you have attempted all questions.

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