NCC Decided To Postpone All Exams Across the Country

National Coordination Committee in its latest meeting has decided to postpone all exams across the country. This decision has been taken to ensure the safety of students and staff members as the coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly and threatening the life of the people. All the public and private sector schools, colleges, and universities have been shut down due to the virus outbreak and the education and examination activities are at a pause from March. The policies are being reviewed from time to time as the government is taking the necessary measures for safety. But at the same time one major issue to consider is to save the academic year of the students. The government has announced to promote the students from class one to class 12th without any need to appear in the exam. Apart from this many other students are still anxious about the exams.

Postponement of Examination

The scheduled and non-scheduled examinations have been postponed in compliance with the NCC decision. The federal minister of education, Shafqat Mahmood has informed all other provincial governments to not conduct the examination in the ongoing situation of a pandemic. Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir have also been directed to cancel their exams. Some educational institutes requested the government to allow them so that they can commence the examination in June and July. But now the government announced to cancel the examinations amid corona-virus consequences. Only online exams can be held but those exams that require the physical appearance could not be conducted.

Proclamation of Education Secretary

Education Secretary has said that this is not an appropriate time to arrange the examination that’s why National Coordination Committee has made this decision to postpone the exams in all provinces of Pakistan. The provincial governments must assure that no exams should be held in such circumstances.

On the other hand, Punjab government allows the medical colleges and universities to hold the supplementary MBBS and BDS examination. In this regard, all the public and private medical colleges have been directed to strictly follow the SOP’s in the examination centers so that the students and staff members could not contract coronavirus. This step is taken to save the time of the medical students because they will not be promoted to next year without giving the exam. For more details, keep visiting and get all the latest news regarding the exam schedules.

Postponed all Exams

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