Currently, many countries are suffering from coronavirus around the world. The first case was reported in Wuhan, China that was the emergence center of this deadly disease. Now the disease has spread into various countries and Pakistan is among those affected countries. The first case of coronavirus was reported on 26 February and up till now according to the Health Minister of Pakistan the number of an effected person reaches up to 28. World Health Organization has also declared coronavirus a pandemic which causes an alarming situation.

Educational institutes will be close till 5th April

The Punjab Education Minister Murad Ras declared all the institutes of Punjab will remain closed from 15th March 2020 to 5th April 2020. Punjab government decided to shut down the school, colleges, and universities of both government and private sector for 3 weeks because of the outbreak of coronavirus. The madrasas and vocational institutes will also remain closed. The decision was made in the meeting of the National Security Committee in which preventive measures have been discussed. This step was taken as a precautionary measure to protect the people from this deadly virus. According to provincial authorities, this decision will be reviewed by the ministry of education from time to time depending upon the current scenario of the coronavirus. Due to the prevalence threat of the coronavirus, the “health emergency” has been declared by the Punjab government. As the virus is rapidly transferring from person to person so to avoid its disastrous consequence the Punjab government announced the closure of educational institutes throughout the Punjab province. The provincial health officials after considering the current condition of the coronavirus made this decision to control the spreading of the contagious virus. A new committee has also been designed to further evaluate the condition related to the virus.