These tips can get you 20% extra marks in FSc exams

These tips can get you 20% extra marks in FSc exams

All students of Intermediate (FSC pre-medical & pre-engineering) who are worried about their forthcoming Fsc exams they should not need to worry at all, Here are some tips and techniques that would be very helpful for all students in order to achieve their goal even though if they follow these tips they can easily get 20% extra marks .

Make a strict routine and timetable

Keep in mind that you could not pass through the 1st year as easily as both the SSC’s. FSC books syllabus is detailed and very long and It is time demanding. You can’t get good marks by keeping Urdu or Islamiat lying around until exams. Make sure you give at least half an hour each day to each subject. Daily routine should be:

Manage 1 hour for each subject. 25 mins study, and two 5 min breaks after every 25 mins.

Attend classes regularly.

Attend class regularly and don’t miss any lecture. The teachers have a lot of experience and knowledge to help you with your FSc part 1exams and FSc part 2 exams. Don't miss that chance to learn a lot of things in a short period of time. Nobody can keep you in track an experienced teacher.

Sit in the first row

Try to sit in first row during lecture it would keep you attentive throughout whole lecture. You will be easily do questioning with your teachers. If you will Show yourself interested in the topic and do questioning about it with your teacher than the teacher might give you some extra information or tip about it.

Avoid bad company

If you want to achieve brilliant marks try to avoid bad company and stay true to yourself. Set your goals and try to avoid the company of bad and irritating friends.

Take part in tests and quizzes

Don’t miss test and quizzes it would be very helpful for your Fsc exams preparation and it will provide you the idea of how many levels of your preparation is.  Always be ready to ask questions in class no matter how embarrassing it seems. Tests and quizzes are a great thing, especially when our system relies more on memory than knowledge. You can also use past papers for Fsc exams. Do not ignore a simple class test it would provide you help a lot in the finals.

Make a Check List

Making a checklist has been a lot of use to me personally. Create a checklist on a daily basis and note down the tasks you have to complete until the end of the day. When you make a task sheet of subjects that have to learn per day, and after completing your till you would be really feeling mentally strong.

 Know your weaknesses

Every student knows his weak points very well. Most of the students feel difficulty in doing mathematics and some of them don’t know how to learn English essays and grammar book. It’s all very from students nature and interest. So if you feel difficulty mathematics or chemistry arrange extra time for this particular subject and learn from the help of teachers and by doing online exercises.

Limit the number of other activities

This point is very important to learn for every student even if you are a student of FSC group. Time management is the key to success. Most of the students waste a lot of their time in the usage of social media apps. They don’t know how much they are wasting their time in useless things. Manage your time in a way in which you can study very well and also take part in extra curriculum activities.


Minimize Distraction


Stay away from all those things that distract you from your books and your study. Try to avoid all those types of friends and help needy students in their study issues.

  • Put your cell phone on silent mode or off.
  • Turn off Internet access
  • Close your room door and ask people to give you privacy
  • Take a long breathe and drink water when you are about to distract

Do not over-burden yourself

Stay positive about your exam and do not take the extra burden.  Stress and fear of exam always lead you to failure, stay relaxed and positive. Do practice and Hard work and achieve success.

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