Intermediate 11 class Lahore Board exams have grown into a do or die pressure-giving event that makes students depressed. Fear of exam could not able them to be well prepared about their forthcoming exam. In this article, we will share some useful ways for all intermediate students to get Brilliant marks.

11 class exams preparation 2019

Believe in Yourself Live life with highest values and inspiration. Believing yourself is the first step to getting success.

Plan a productive timetable a study time table is a handy tool to get control over your study time. Make a strict time table in which per day every subject should be covered. Give equal time to all subjects. Most of the students don’t focus on Islamic studies and Pak studies and spend all their time in preparing science subjects but this is not a good thing and becomes the reason for their failure.

Plan an early revision all those Students who have completed their curriculum and started the revision of all books I would like to strongly advise them to practice solutions for the questions and problems related to their subjects.

Write down all of the assignments Note Down all lecturers carefully during lecture and make all assignment. All this material would be very helpful on the day of the exam.

Work ahead one of the most important things to do is to work ahead. If you work properly at the proper time, you won't get behind and near the exam, you would definitely feel so comfortable and confident.

Get Proper sleep you need to be well rested to be able to write the exam properly.

Stay Positive and Find ways to keep yourself motivated, like making a task list and completing them on a proper time limit.

Do your best the absolute most important thing, is to do your best on the day of the exam by throwing out all fear and stress of the exam.

Help weak students and make a group with hardworking and intelligent students so you can learn from them. Avoid the company of all distractive friends and social media apps that lead the wastage of time

Keep yourself calm even if you forgot every dam thing you studied and paper is out of the syllabus. Read the whole paper first, read it 2, 3 or even more time. Note down the question which you know the best answer for them make an order and attempt in that order only.

Tips on the Day of Inter Exam 2019

Attempt all Questions in your boards’ exams and make sure you not supposed to leave a single question UN attempted. Make an order of question which you can answer the best.

Start with what you know best: Start with that question you know the best. Don’t start your paper by picking a question that you can't answer properly that will frustrate you and you will forget everything else.

Divide time: Firstly read the Question paper carefully and Divide the time for the entire question in an equal amount.  Keep an eye on your watch you must have watched in your hand. By Writing to much for a single question will not get you more marks in your inter exams for that question keep in mind that 10 marks question will not go to give 20 for writing the long answer, But leaving a question will cost a lot.

Bullet Point answerWhile writing on answer sheet try to make bullet point to highlight your answer in your 11 class exams 2019. If any answer includes point then avoid giving points as 1, 2,3 4  just to use some other method like use #, ##, **&,*,^.

Highlight important Point: Always remember to Highlight an important point in the answer . Most of the time examiner will don’t read the whole answer so try to mold him to read important point for that question.