Top ways to prepare for inter exams in a smart way

The intermediate exams (11th class exams and 12th class exams) is very important in any student’s life; in fact, these marks are a turning point. They would help you to get admission in one of the best Institute and they would give you a valuable position and confidence in the new crowd even they would help you in your interviews.

I have seen most of the students who study really hard but they could not get good marks at the same time there is also a type of students who do not even invest half of their time but they get good even outstanding result. Do you ever think about it? How is that possible? You can achieve this set of position of getting good marks by studying smartly instead of wasting a countless hour of your valuable time. Here are some tips /ways that would be helpful to prepare for your inter exam.

Stay Focused When Studying

If you want to achieve the outstanding result you have to do the study with full attention and you should have to eliminate all distracting stuff around you and even it would the best thing if you switched off your cell phone.  I have observed that many students when they sit for study at the same time they also give half of their attention in social media apps like Facebook twitter and so on. They could not learn half lesson of their book and they do nothing but waste a lot of their time. According to my point of view, it is the main difference between brilliant and bad students

Plan ahead

Make a plan about how you will fit study other than your all commitments. For that purpose start creating a schedule in which you can cover every book in the whole day. Make a schedule for a day; week and month depend upon your time left for exam. Calculate the total number of subject and number of unit + available time throughout the session till exam divide them it will provide you an idea In which you can complete your course very effectively.

Clear Your Mind

It is very important for all students to clear their mind while they sit to study because you could not study if you have millions of thoughts zooming throughout your mind. So try to study full attentively.

Make a List of Task

Make a list of Daily task what to do in the whole day and try to complete all task till the night this is the best way to do the best preparation for the exam and be concerned about the time to utilize it effectively.

Use Flow charts and Diagrams

Make Flow charts and diagrams of all those chapters or topics in which you face difficulty. It would be very helpful for remembering important topics and points. Condense all revision notes into one – page diagram.

Practice Old Exam

Practicing from old exams like past papers are the best way to prepare for the exam it will provide you guess papers important question. After practicing old papers you would be able:

  • Understand exam Length
  • The typical number of Questions
  • Number of choices provided
  • The time required for each question
  • Understanding of exam technique

Take regular Breaks

Study Breaks are very important to keep your mind fresh. It is a way to boost the zeal and confidence of a person.  It would be helpful to Re-energize the body, clear the brain, and help reduce any stress.

  • Take a short break after studying for 2 hours.
  • Drink plenty of water and juice.
  • Try to exercise during a break

Organize a Group Study

A study group is a very effective way of enhancing your studies. In the group study try to explain your all learning material/answers with other it will help you to keep remembering all things in mind.

Good Sleeping Habit

Every student should have to keep a good sleeping Habit. A healthy sleep will keep his brain relax and he would be able to learn efficiently.

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