9th Date Sheet

BISE Abbottabad Board 9th Class Date Sheet 2024

Updated February 2024
Abbottabad Board has not officially released the date sheet for the impending 9th class examinations. The specific dates are yet to be disclosed, but there is a prevalent expectation that the board will unveil the schedule in April 2024. The announcement of the date sheet is eagerly awaited by 9th-grade students as it serves as a crucial guide for their exam preparations. The anticipated release in April 2024 provides students with a reasonable timeframe to strategize and plan their study schedule

BISE Abbottabad Board 9th Class Date Sheet 2024

Announced on: \ April 2024

Exam Starts From: July 2024

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Abbottabad is declared the Date Sheet 2024 for 9th Class. The officials of BISE Abbottabad have not yet set a specific date to announce the Date Sheet 2024 for 9th Class. BISE Abbottabad usually held the annual examination in March. BISE Abbottabad 9th Class Date Sheet usually announced one month before the exams. Therefore Date Sheet 2023 for 9th Class is expected to be announced in April. It is recommended to all the students, keep visiting our website.

Bise Abbottabad 9th Date Sheet 2024

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Abbottabad take place in 1990. The Board was established after the Board of Peshawar is made as to the Board of KPK. Abbottabad is an excellent educational institution with the vision of improving education standards in Pakistan. Abbottabad, Haripur, Battgra, Kohistan, and Mansehra are associated with Abbottabad Board. Abbottabad Board offers their services in these Districts only, Taking annual Examination for 9th, 10th, and Inter Part I and Part II classes, making a study plan, make rules and regulations. Every year hundreds of students submit their registration form and wishing to pass the annual examination of 9th Class in order to move to 10th Class. Abbottabad Board is keen to take the annual examination in a fair way and making sure no one passes an annual examination in any unfair way.

This site is only build to facilitate the students to get latest information about their studies. You can download Date Sheet 2024 from this page very soon. So, concentrate on your studies and work hard to get good marks in annual examination because it is necessary to get good marks in order to get admission in well reputed college.


Q:1 When will the 9th Class Date Sheet for Abbottabad Board be released?
A: The date sheet for the 9th class exams conducted by the Abbottabad Board is typically released a few weeks before the commencement of the examinations. You can check the official website or contact your school for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Q:2 How can I obtain a copy of the 9th Class Date Sheet for Abbottabad Board exams?
A: The date sheet is usually available on the official website of the Abbottabad Board. You can download and print it from there. Additionally, your school may also provide you with a copy.

Q:3 Can the 9th Class Date Sheet be subject to change?
A: Yes, there is a possibility of changes in the date sheet. It is advisable to stay updated by regularly checking the official website and staying in touch with your school for any announcements or updates.

Q:4 Are there any special instructions mentioned in the 9th Class Date Sheet?
A: Yes, the date sheet often includes important instructions regarding the exam schedule, reporting times, and any specific guidelines for students. Make sure to read and follow these instructions carefully.

Q:5 What do I do if there is a clash between two exam dates in the 9th Class Date Sheet?
A: In case of a clash, immediately contact your school or the examination authority. They will provide guidance on how to handle such situations.

Q:6 How can I prepare a study schedule based on the 9th Class Date Sheet?
A: Once you have the date sheet, create a study plan by allocating sufficient time to each subject. Focus on subjects with less preparation and ensure you cover all topics before the exams.

Q:7 Is there any grace period for latecomers on exam days according to the 9th Class Date Sheet?
A: Generally, there is no grace period for latecomers. It's crucial to arrive at the examination center on time to avoid any inconvenience.

Q:8 Can I request a change in my exam center mentioned in the 9th Class Date Sheet?
A: Exam centers are usually assigned by the board, and changes may not be possible. However, in exceptional cases, you can contact the examination authority for guidance.

Q:9 How can I stay updated on any announcements or changes related to the 9th Class Date Sheet?
A: Regularly check the official website of the Abbottabad Board for updates. Your school may also notify you of any changes or important announcements.

Q:10 What should I do if I find a mistake in the 9th Class Date Sheet?
A: If you notice any discrepancies or errors in the date sheet, immediately bring it to the attention of the examination authority or your school for clarification and correction.