9th Date Sheet

BISE Hyderabad Board 10th Class Date Sheet 2024

Updated February 2024
Hyderabad Board has not officially released the date sheet for the 10th class examinations. However, there is anticipation that the date sheet will likely be announced in March 2024. Students are advised to stay informed and regularly check the official website of the Hyderabad Board for any updates regarding the 10th class examinations. The expected March 2024 release aligns with the typical scheduling patterns of the board, providing students with ample time for thorough preparation. It is crucial for students to stay vigilant about the examination schedule and any related updates by closely monitoring official notifications from the Hyderabad Board. As the anticipated announcement date approaches, students are encouraged to plan and organize their study schedules effectively to perform well in the upcoming examinations.

BISE Hyderabad Board 10th Class Date Sheet 2024

: March 2024

Date Sheet 2024 of Bise Hyderabad

Hyderabad Board of Intermediate Education Hyderabad was established 1961. A commission on national education was appointed on 30 December 1958 which recommended the four years of education from grade IX to XII as part of the Intermediate and Secondary Education curricula thus forming the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Hyderabad in 1961.The move came as part of the West Pakistan Intermediate and Secondary Education Ordinance, 1961 (alternatively for East Pakistan, it was the East Pakistan Ordinance No. XXXIII of 1961). The ordinance was further amended in Act no. XVI of 1962 and Act no. XVII of 1977.

Under the acts, it was responsible for the organization to regulate, supervise, control and develop the levels and status of Intermediate and Secondary level public examinations in educational institutions. The main objective of the board is to conducting Matric (9th and 10th) and Intermediate (11th and 12th) class examinations within pleasant environment

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Hyderabad Board usually conducts Matriculation (Ninth and Tenth) level examinations and Intermediate (Eleventh and Twelfth) level examinations in the months of March and April every year, in which a large number of students Each participates in the year BISE Hyderabad usually announces the date sheet of the relevant examinations one month in advance. The date sheets for the matriculation and inter-annual examinations will be announced in July, respectively.

the result will be done after 2 to 3 months. Students who get low marks in ninth grade do not have to lose their skills, you still have the opportunity to improve your percentage of marks. Is. As far as we know, the total matriculation marks will be a combination of 9th and 10th class marks, so if you get low marks in 9th class then you can improve it by getting good marks in 10th class. All you need to do is work hard and give your 100% in the final exams of 10th call.


Q:1 When will the Hyderabad Board release the 10th class date sheet?
A: The Hyderabad Board typically releases the date sheet for the 10th class exams in 2024.

Q:2 How can I access the Hyderabad Board's official website to check the date sheet?
A: You can visit the official Hyderabad Board website and navigate to the "Examinations" or "Downloads" section for the latest date sheet.

Q:3 Are there any changes in the exam schedule for the 10th class this year?
A: Any updates or changes to the exam schedule will be communicated through official channels, so regularly check the board's website and official announcements.

Q:4 What subjects are included in the 10th class date sheet for Hyderabad Board?
A: The date sheet will specify the schedule for all subjects included in the 10th class curriculum, covering both compulsory and elective subjects.

Q:5 Can I download a printable version of the 10th class date sheet from the Hyderabad Board's website?
A: Yes, the Hyderabad Board usually provides a downloadable and printable version of the date sheet on its official website.

Q:6 Is there any provision for re-scheduling of exams mentioned in the date sheet?
A: The Hyderabad Board will provide information on any re-scheduling or changes in the date sheet, if applicable, through official notifications.

Q:7 How can I subscribe to receive updates and notifications about the 10th class date sheet?
A: Stay informed by regularly visiting the official Hyderabad Board website or subscribing to their official newsletter or notification service.

Q:8 Are there any specific guidelines or instructions for students mentioned in the date sheet?
A: Yes, the date sheet usually includes important instructions and guidelines for students appearing in the 10th class exams. Make sure to read and follow them.

Q:9 What should I do if I find discrepancies or errors in the 10th class date sheet?
A: Contact the Hyderabad Board's examination office immediately to report any discrepancies or errors in the date sheet.

Q:10 Is there a helpline or contact number provided by the Hyderabad Board for date sheet-related queries?
A: Yes, the Hyderabad Board typically provides a helpline or contact number for students to address any queries or concerns related to the date sheet. Check the official website for contact information.